Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel from Home

Is work keeping you at home this summer?   Are airline baggage charges just too outrageous to even think about flying?  Then why not take an exciting, thrilling, and slightly dangerous trip right from the comfort of your favorite chair by reading a mystery from your favorite library that is set in a faraway place.  Its cheaper,easier, and you never have to put your shampoo in a smaller container.   

We have mysteries from all over the world.  There are titles that are set in all seven continents thanks to Robert Masello, whose Blood and Ice is set in Antarctica.   So pick a geographic region and start exploring the "Crimes in the Cold Climes"; be tempted by "Trouble in the Tropics", or dedicate yourself to reading about "Death in the Desert".   I have created and printed out lists of authors who set their books in specific geographic regions and I'd also be happy to email the lists to you also.  Just send an email to apalmer@beecavetexas.gov.

Happy Reading and Traveling!

p.s. I also have another fun list for your to check out - books that feature real people solving imaginary crimes. 

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  1. What a great post! I also wanted to thank you for recommending Elizabeth Berg to me. She is a fantastic author who really has an amazing knack for creating characters that are warm, highly relatable and best of all fully human! Thanks!!!!